Posted Apr 23, 2014 BLOG by Maddie Simic (Jr Fashion Editor)


If you’ve been paying attention to fashion trends then you should know it has a tendency to go around in circles. What’s most present nowadays is, of course, the hipster look – a “purposefully messy” or “effortlessly stylish” look with its origins dating all the way back to the 1940s.
But fashion as we know it is purely personal, so mixing and matching your favourite items often bring out your individuality. domain list To get in touch with the hippie side of you, here are 6 items which will add a dash of hipster to your outfit:


1. The High-waisted Flare Skirt

This is a closet must-have which shows off your quirky femininity and is totally easy to match! You can pair it up with a tank-top, t-shirt or a classic button-down top, with Mary Janes or slip-on flats and you’re ready to go!

Picture by We Heart It

2. The Retro Backpack

There is no real qualifier for the retro backpack, but you know it when you see it! Customarily fabric or leather with a fold-over button-down clasp, it makes a strong statement whether you are hitting the city or on travel!

Left picture by TANGS Malaysia ©- MARINO; Right photo by We Heart It

3. Loafers

Originally American casual slip-ons, loafers have gained so much popularity that it’s become such a common sight. But pair it right and you’ll make a smart hipster statement for sure. Try some bright or pastel colored ankle pants and look effortlessly sharp!


PS: Did you know Michael Jackson was the one who made loafers VASTLY popular?


Left picture by TANGS Malaysia ©- SCHOLL; Right photo by We Heart It
Bottom photo by TANGS Malaysia©- JA MAPELLE 
4. Overalls

Much like the hipster statement, overalls are casual, effortless and stylish at the same time. A timeless trend that highlights the youth and spirit in you; totally hipster.


Hard to find overalls that fit right? Clasp these suspender braces on your favourite high-waisted denim shorts or pants and get a similar effect! Available at TANGS 1 Utama and TANGS Empire Subang.

Left picture by TANGS Malaysia ©- VAN GARIE; Right photo by We Heart It

5. Sunnies & Shades

And of course, everyone HAS to have a pair of retro shades! Thick framed shades made a strong comeback and they are not going anywhere. The trick to look chic and not tacky is to go for solid colored frames, like white or black and just add a tinge of funky on the sides!

Top photo by DeviantArt; Bottom photo by Ray-Ban

6. The Lense

Last but certainly not the least… The hipster is well-known for catching the moment and indulging in its beauty! Never seen without her camera, she is ever ready to snap memories into her trusty time capsule. Be it a DSLR or retro toy, the hipster style has certainly made cameras into a fashion statement!

Left and Right photo by We Heart It

Posted Apr 23, 2014 BLOG by Maddie Simic (Jr Fashion Editor)