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With our year round sunshine and tropical climate, fall trends usually fall below our radar as we stick to our summer-inspired fashion outfits. But weather should not come in the way of style – these autumn/winter trends are irresistible as they are adaptable to our warmer temperatures. . Next time you go shopping, up your trend game with these runway favourites for fall 2014.



Power dressing

power dressing_main

Female fashion is going beyond skirts and pretty blouses and exploring the men favourites of tailored suits and crisp shirts. This form of dressing not only lends you an air of authority; it also empowers you with confidence, thanks to the chic form of the jacket-pants duo.


Sixties symbol


Quick, put on your Twiggy falsies and refine your Brigette Bardot coif, because the sixties is bigger and better this season! Fill your shopping bag with the retro decade’s geometric shapes, colour block patterns and trapeze skirts that are a tribute to the fresh and carefree London in the Swinging Sixties.


Shiny things


We women will always have an obsession with all things bling and sparkly, so this fall’s obsession with shimmery foil and glossy gold is a predictable favourite. From golden details to full-fledged shine, designers got creative and even extravagant with the winning trend.


Floral fantasy

floral main

Think flowers should be left in the summer season? Think again: This year, fall sees an abundance of floral-inspired trends. Rather than pastel, cheery colours, flowers are shades deeper or set in a wintry background, so there’s your excuse to keep your nature-inspired print alive year-round!



Sneaker fever


The fitness obsession is now commanding the fashion spotlight in a big way, resulting in the invasion of athletic wear. With the hooded sweatshirt and yoga pants comes the sporty sneakers, which, is daringly paired with chic and high street getups. This trend also makes your office-to-gym transition faster, so we’re not complaining.



Mini must-haves


While your roomy, oversized handbags have served you well, it’s time they go on a short break and let their miniature cousin take over. That’s right, the bag of the moment is none other than mini, decorative and quirky little handbags which are ready to outshine your outfit!



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Posted Nov 14, 2014 BLOG by Maddie Simic (Jr Fashion Editor)