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Believe it or not, our perfume goes further than our favourite scent – it is an extension of our personality, communicating with those around us the type of person we are.

When it comes to picking a fragrance at the perfume bar, don’t be fazed by the hundreds of different scents. Instead, start by listening to what your soul is telling you, and identify the type of person you are in order to choose a perfume you’re most comfortable with. hosting information lookup We like to go by a few different personas embodied by these celebrity icons.


If you’re a Naomi Watts or Anne Hathaway…

feminine main

You’re feminine and elegant. You lead a sophisticated lifestyle, and your taste in fashion is always chic and updated. You love anything that defines your womanly appeal, and you are the ‘goddess’ among your friends. Go for fragrances with floral notes or fresh, citrusy and clean scents, which will enhance your female side even more.


If you’re an Eva Mendes or Scarlett Johansson…

siren main

You’re a head-turning siren. In other words, you’re sexy and super confident in your own skin, and you ooze constant sex appeal, whether it is your smile or your spirited personality. Celebrate your sensual and alluring nature with a heady, sexy aromatic perfume that is musky, tropical and heady to elevate your playful flirtiness.


If you’re an Emma Stone of Zooey Deschanel…

sweet main

You’re everyone’s favourite girl next door! Not only are you a sweetheart, but you’re as cute as a button in everything that you do. You’re charming, with a likable nature, and lively attitude lifts the spirits of everyone around you. To complement your personality, opt for a sweet, cheerful with sparkling notes.


If you’re an Angelina Jolie or Charlize Theron…

powerhouse main

You’re a powerhouse, and you’re one in a million. Confident and strong, you’re a firm influence to those around you, and you’re most often the leader. ask steve harvey Your traits as an outspoken, gracious and charismatic woman makes you a very attractive woman. Go for heady, spicy notes that will complete your powerful image.


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Posted Dec 17, 2014 BLOG by Maddie Simic (Jr Fashion Editor)